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Load EBCDIC in Oracle SQLLDR

Here is a simple way to convert data from IBM Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code, EBCDIC, format and upload into Oracle.

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Fedora Linux 16 Install PPTP VPN Server PPTPD »

Install and configure a PPTP VPN server on Fedora Linux 16 or CentOS 5.

Google Chrome Pin Web Sites on New Tab Page »

Here is how to pin Web sites on the “New Tab Page” of Google Chrome 15 or 16.

Excel VBA Unable to set the Visible property of the PivotItem class »

Chances are AutoSort is enabled if you are getting this error message.

Oracle 11g Database Link to Microsoft SQL Server »

Here is how to create a database link from Oracle Database 11g to Microsoft SQL Server.

Perl Script to Convert or Parse EBCDIC File »

Here is a simple Perl script to convert/parse data in IBM EBCDIC to ASCII format.

Convert XPS to PDF without Printer Driver via GhostPDL »

Here is how to convert XPS documents to PDF without an installed PDF distiller or printer driver.